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Born in Georgia and raised in Israel, I'm the outcome of my life experience, like all of us.

Currently, I'm the CEO of Cilynx, a cyber-security services and innovations company. 

An imaginary in mind and innovator at heart. Having at least 4 great ideas for startups a day, but from all of these, I hose Cilynx as my home and baby to grow and expand. 

I like extreme sports, kitesurfing, racing, and all sports that raise the heartbeat over 120.

I'm maintaining the blog, first and for most for other entrepreneurs, which are facing transformations, becoming from a worker to an employer of other people. 

Becoming a small, medium to a large company, in the Israeli extreme pace of startups.

Managing, growing and owning the market.

In the way to become the best cybersecurity company, I'm meeting many interesting people. 

Some of them help me to advance the business, some will most likely hold the business development back and drive focus. It's a daily challenge and I want to share with you these challenges.

I and my partners are super work driven and oriented to success. 

So keep following us to see us rise to the top.

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